Course curriculum

    1. Exercise 1: Choose equipment according to project requirement

    1. Exercise 2: Create a new Project in Studio5000

    2. Exercise 3: Configure a Digital Input IO module

    3. Exercise 4: Create new BOOL Tags

    4. Exercise 5: Create SINT, DINT, and REAL Tags

    5. Exercise 6: Create a simple start/stop logic for a motor

    6. Exercise 7: Create alarms for a motor with TON timers

    1. Exercise 8: Download the Motor program to an Emulator controller

    1. Exercise 9: Create a User Defined type for the motor

    2. Exercise 10: Create an array of motors

    3. Exercise 11: Alias tags to IO

    4. Exercise 12: Change the motor push buttons to use ONE logic

    5. Exercise 13: Use RTO timer to count the motor working time

    6. Exercise 14: Add two digital sensors (Parts In/Out) and count parts on a conveyor

    7. Exercise 15: Use comparison instructions to create Over Current alarms

    8. Exercise 16: Use math instructions to scale the conveyor speed

    9. Exercise 17: Use MOV instruction to save the last value...

    10. Exercise 18: Use JMP and LBL instructions to loop over an array

    11. Exercise 19: Use JSR, SBR, and RET to create a function with parameters

    12. Exercise 20: Update IO configuration according to requirements

    1. Exercise 21: Create a new periodic Task a new Program and Ladder Routine

    2. Exercise 22: Force some IOs

    3. Exercise 23: Create a trend for all conveyor data

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